To Help us supply all levels of football within our club from U4 to Open Age with proper equipment, kits and other resources please consider playing our weekly lotto for as little as £1 a week with a chance at winning our jackpot! all funds go back into the club and you can see your money making a real difference in your community. To play please CLICK HERE.


More Info:

Fundraising for clubs and organisations is a constant challenge that can be an enormous drain on time for professionals and volunteers alike.

The most sustainable way for organisations to raise funds over the long term is to have regular activities that repeat with minimum set up and maintenance.

Lotteries that are for your own organisation means that prizes go to people within the community that support what you do – they take part in raising the funds for activities that they can see happening in their own community. They then share the prizes within that same community.

It is a virtuous circle and has proven successful and sustainable for many organisations.

Our Club Lotto offers a secure online weekly lottery where all funds raised go direct to the organisation net of the transparent costs of administration and payment handling leaving you with 90% of all proceeds to control within your organisation.