Jack joined us at the end of our 2018/19 campaign and at the start of the new season accepted the offer to be joint First Team manager alongside Oliver and Ryan. However, Jack is also still an active player for us so his leadership and motivation that he would show from the sideline is right on the field. Jack is an essential box to box midfielder, driving with power from deep and committing defenders. His brilliant attention to detail completes our three headed attack management.


With us from the beginning in 2014, Liam has been FC's utility man with his immense work rate and strength giving him an advantage of being able to play in central midfield or upfront, but it's in the No.10 spot that Liam thrives, his energy going forward and winning the ball back always gives us an edge on the pitch, he's also known to have a great rapport with every referee he gets chatting too. 



Another FC man from the beginning. Joe quickly established himself as one of the top Centre Backs in the league. If the ball is in the air then more often than not it's going to be met full steam by Joe towering over opponents. Joe's positioning, tackling, passing and set piece presence make him one of the clubs top assets. 


Partnering Joe in central defence is Cotty, one of our summer signings, Cotty has made himself right at home forming a partnership at the back, giving reassurance for the rest of the squad to be creative. knowing that if they lose the ball, Cotty's expert reading of the game can win possesion back and with his precision passing can start a new attack from deep.



Our man between the sticks, Duffy joined us in 2016 and was fast tracked to the First Team. Duffy's bravery on set pieces and decision making in

1-on-1's means our faith in not conceding is strong. Duffy loves a big moment, encapsulated best by his penalty heroics not once but twice in shoot outs helping FC reach two cup finals.


Paul joined us in September 2015 and has been a prime example of leading from the front, His pressing, tackling and work rate make him a nightmare for defenders in possesion and he isn't afraid to get stuck in. When Paul isn't on the field he can always be seen on the touchline as a top part time assistant manager for the Reserves. 



Going on 6 years with the club this July, Ste is a talented attacking fullback, comfortable with the ball at his feet, if a player is bearing down on goal and someone makes a list ditch tackle then it's a safe bet to assume it's Ste making it. His vision from fullback making him a quality player in our ranks. 


Joining us at the start of 2018/19 season Kieran has lit up the Cheshire League with a string of performances. Kieran has great utility being able to play in multiple positions but his playmaking ability make him an ideal No.10. Kieran's best asset is his left peg, if you need more proof just check the home page. His set pieces and long shots have been a thing of beauty. 



Arriving one year after our inception, Jack Ball is one of our most technically gifted players, his quick feet, passing and crossing abilities make him a threat from any position on the field. Like Kieran, Jack is known to have a knack for set pieces, scoring free kicks at will. 


Another player joining for our debut Cheshire Premier season, Brad is an explosive forward, frequently knocking the ball past opponents and leaving them in the dust, Brad isn't just all pace as he has a very impressive scoring record with FC, one we hope can continue. 



A summer signing, Ryan is another exciting fullback, Ryan offers a lot of stability with a balanced style of play, able to get forward and join the attack but also cautious to stop any counters. His versatility of being able to play on either flank means he can be a match up nightmare for the opposition. 


September 2018 is when Will first called FC home, Will is gifted with a combination of strength and speed and from this, he can play as a do it all striker, holding the ball up or running in behind or he can weave his way through opposition defences out wide.



Joining last July, Tom has been an exceptional fullback, often finding himself busting a gut down the left hand side in order to join the attack, Tom can be found mostly whipping in crosses given the chance and still getting back to cover. Tom made heads turn on his debut for the Firsts and hasn't looked back since. 


Rounding out our fullback class, Platty has slotted right at home as our starting left back, hailing from Billinge way, Ryan was usually facing FC rather than playing for us. Ryan is always looking to get forward and pick out a pass either inside to our midifled or whipping one in for our forwards, Ryan makes use of every inch of the pitch, trying to win possession back and restart an attack

DSC_0145 (1).jpg


The Anchor man for FC. Charlie's talents have taken him far and wide to the point that he signed a professional contract for Torquay United. Playing as a defensive midfielder, Charlie's excellent reading of the game meaning he can sweep across the back line, win the ball back whilst his vision and comfortable nature on the ball allow him to pick out a pass to any blade of grass on the pitch.


Returning back in November 2018, FC's number 9 Andrew Gillespie resigned. Andy would be the focal point of any team and the attention he rightly deserves helps free up space for everyone else. Andy's strength helps him hold up the ball brilliantly but also allows him to hold off any challenge when through on goal. If Andy's on the pitch he's probably finishing the game with a goal or two. 



Joining in November 2018, Ant is a strong centre half whose ability to read the game make it very difficult for the opposition strikers. Ant displays great leadership on the pitch, rarely losing his head, his calm and confident nature rubbing off on those around him. 


Our Reserves captain and Striker, Josh joined in the summer of 2015, Josh plays very similar to the first team starting striker Andy Gillespie, very good at holding up the ball well and finishing or playing in those around him. Josh leads by example on and off the field helping encourage those around him and is constantly giving it his all in training or in a match.



Another member joining in 2015, Mick plays in a self described James Milner role, a utility man for both the First Team and Reserves, Mick mostly plays centre back or as a holding mid. His aggressive nature in a tackle or in the air gets those around him motivated. Mick featured heavily in the Firsts before a string of major injuries saw him drop down to regain fitness. Already shining again we hope he'll be back amongst the best soon. 


Joining in 2016, Billy is our man on the left side playing both fullback and winger. His adaptaibilty and crossing ability mean that a manager can create great match ups, Billy is also great at stopping counters with his 1-on-1 defending and he's got a throw in that makes Rory Delap blush. 



Here from the beginning, Tom is a CB with great versatility to fill in any position along the back line. Comfortable on the ball and excellent reading of the game he is able to get in great positions to unleash his killer left peg. Tom recently recovered from a major knee injury and now plays a big role for our Reserves. 


In 2017, Chris joined us and became the Reserves starting left back. Captaining the side throughout the 2018 season, Chris sets the tone through matches with his tackling and aggression. Attacking from defence Chris lifts the tempo of the match and gives those around him the same energy. 



FC's answer to Ivan Campo, Ben joined us in the summer of 2019. Ben is another who sets the tone in his defensive midfield role, loving a tackle, Ben is incredibly hard to get the ball past or get the ball off. Ben has a great passing range available to him and leaves it all on the field, hair still intact. 


A CB putting on the FC shirt for the first time in 2017, Callum's strength and tackling always means his presence is felt. Callum shows great leadership by always giving his all in training no matter the cirucmstance or weather, Cal is part of a defence with a great record for keeping goals out and with the example he sets, we know why.

DSC_0145 (2).JPG


Just after the summer in September 2017, Alex came to us as a holding midfielder. The foil to Ben Carter, Alex plays the position with a more passing based attacking style, able to step up the field and create chances from deep, Alex also features heavily in the First team from time to time so his experience at a higher level allow him to make a big impact with the Reserves


Joining in Summer 2019, Alex blazed onto the scene scoring 7 goals in his first 10 appearances for the club. The season being cut short robbed Alex of a brilliant season. His hold up play, dribbling and finishing make him a devastating striker, one we hope continues their run of scoring.



Connor joined us as well in Summer 2019. A goalkeeper, Connor's shows great communication and leadership by organising his defence effectively and commanding his box, reassuring for a defender. His composure in pressure situations helps cool the heads of those around him. 


Joining in 2019, Henry joined as central midfielder but has now been converted to a right back, his energetic play up and down the pitch and determination to win the ball in wide areas, motivates the team especially in transition.



Joining just after the start of last season, Chris is a central midfield player, he plays with a very high intensity which is perfect for the high pressing style we like at the club. His ability to read the game allows him to make interceptions and get in some quality tackles.


Joining in February 2020, Dan is an attacking left back who has great vision for long accurate passes and whipped crosses into the box. His stamina menas that transitioning to attack or getting back to cover could be an excellent asset to the club.



Joining in 2018, Jack is also a fullback but where Dan has the finesse, Jack has the power, unafraid to play fast and aggressive his defending ability is crucial to any side looking to keep great wingers in the league in check and make sure there's no showboating. 


Joining as far back as 2016, Ciaran is another hard tackling full back. He shows great leadership qualities by effectively communicating with his team mates about organising and getting their heads on straight.



Joining in 2017, Tom plays in central midfield. Tom's best attributes are his low centre of gravity which allows him to pivot and turn quickly, shaking defenders and creating space in tight areas. Creating that space allows him to bring out his great passing ability and move us up the field. 


Joining in November 2018, Jake is a cetre half who is very versatile and can play anywhere along the back line. Jake's biggest asset is that he is comfortable with the ball at his feet, capabale who refreshing play with ease and picking out a pass from deep. 



Joining in 2018, Jake has played for both our first team and reserves and a variety of positions. His hard working play and determination mean that he fills in spaces on the wings, at the number ten and playing further back in the deep lying midfield role.


Joining us during the 2016/17 season, this time a versailte player for our forward line, Kyle can play any position in the front three with his pace, crossing ability and finishing creating match up nightmares for opposing coaches.



Joining in 2016 with the U21's, Lewis is a winger who can play on either wing, good with both his left and right foot. He can cut inside and get a shot off or beat his man and whip in a cross for someone to get a head on. 

Elliot Bradshaw.

Joining mid way through our last campaign, Elliot is a right back who instead of knocking a ball past you and going round you, won't hesitate to go through you. Not afraid to throw himself into tackles, Elliot's presence at the back is felt by the opposition.