Founding FC St Helens in 2014, Ste wanted to create club with community values and placing an emphasis on developing youth. Since creating the club, Ste has overseen the development of the grounds,taking over an abandoned lot to create car parking spaces, easing congestion, installed a new football pitch and provided facilities which has helped the club progress through the Cheshire League and towards the North West Counties.



Joining as a player in 2016, Oliver was an all round holding midfielder with his expert ability to read the game and vision to create due to experience as a No.10 earlier in his career, Oliver has always had an interest in management from a young age and began his management career with us by becoming a first team coach in 2017, the Reserves manager in 2018 and in 2019, Oli became Joint First Team Manager and has shown the tactical pedigree to help achieve results and reach multiple cup finals in his debut season with the Firsts.


Ryan joined in 2014, Ryan became FC's engine in midfield, his 100% effort in every game from challenges to passes (and screamers) was a great example to others, but an unfortunate string of injuries meant that Ryan progressed into coaching becoming an assistant then starting the 2019/20 season as Joint First Team Manager. Ryan's leadership and obsession for winning is what some clubs could only dream of from their manager.  


As part of our extensive summer haul we brought in Danny Moss to be Reserves team manager. Before the 19/20 season was suspended Danny led the reserves to the top of their division and were in the Quarter Finals of their cup.  Danny has a perfect balance of tactical knowledge and man management, rather than having a set philosophy he likes to know his squad and try different styles out in order to give them the best chance of success. Danny has tapped into the amazing camaraderie at the club and their joint success is something we hope continues.

Judith was also a founding member of the club following Ste and has a hand in almost everything 


Joining Ste in 2014, Judith has a hand in almost everything that goes on at the club. From first team physio to teaching reception aged children. Judith uses her experience from her time with St. Helens Town Women's who won the Women's FA Cup in 1980 defeating Preston North End.