The club operates a subscription policy By MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT. 

Some information you should know:

1. The Direct Debit is a monthly payment, every month of the year, not just for the playing season.. 

2. Only cancel the Direct Debit with your bank when your Son/Daughter has left the club. 

3. If you fail to cancel after your Son/Daughter has left then further payments are considered a donation to the club. 

5. Your Subscriptions cover, all aspects of being part of the football club.

6. Any Player Fines will be paid by an adjustable Direct Debit fee, however the club will provide a minimum of 14days notice.

6, If you fall behind in subs payments, then the committee will have the right to cancel your playing subscription. 

7, For further information contact: info@fcsthelens,

For and On behalf of FC St Helens 

1st June 2020